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Taste the traditions of Nepal and India in every bite.



Now, our restaurant is a place where people can come and experience the traditions and flavors of Nepal and India. We use only the freshest ingredients and try to stay true to the authenticity of the dishes we serve. It is our hope that our customers will leave feeling satisfied and inspired to try new things.

Growing up in Nepal, food was always a central part of my life. And Neplease and Indian food is always a best to us and we want to give some taste to Portugal as well. As I grew older, I traveled to India and was exposed to the rich and diverse cuisines of the subcontinent. I was fascinated by the aromatic spices and the many different dishes that were influenced by the region’s history and culture.

When I came to Portugal, I knew that I wanted to share these flavours with others. So, I decided to open my own restaurant that would serve authentic Nepalese and Indian dishes. It was a dream that I had been working towards for many years and I was excited to finally see it come to fruition.

Welcome to our new restaurant, where we bring the flavors of Nepal and India to you. We use only the freshest ingredients to create authentic dishes bursting with flavor. From spicy curries to savory momos, we have something for everyone. We hope you enjoy your time with us and come back again and again to taste the best of what Nepal and India have to offer. Thank you for choosing us and we look forward to serving you.